CoreLogic® SafeRent® Services

Your multifamily partner for better residents, better employees, and a better bottom line.

The nation's leading screening and risk management provider for the multifamily industry. CoreLogic SafeRent provides products designed to maximize profitability, including Resident Screening, Criminal Screening, Analytics, Renters Insurance, Lease and Document Generation, and Employment Screening.

CoreLogic SafeRent is the multifamily property owner and manager's most valuable decision advisor.

  • Comprehensive data sources
  • Advanced screening technology
  • Powerful, easy-to-use decision tools
  • A nationwide network of expert multifamily professionals

For critical decision-making and risk management for your multifamily community, it's an easy decision!

   Product Focus

Renters Insurance

Resident damage is the financial responsibility of residents, not property owners. However, most properties report average resident participation rates of less than 20%.

RegistryTLC drives the highest participation rates of any multifamily renters insurance program.
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